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We are dedicated to crafting visuals that captivate and evoke feelings.

Our meticulously developed collaborative projects encourage viewers to explore, ponder, and gently tug at the heartstrings, creating a sense of warmth and coziness in the world—even if it's just a slight touch

Castor Vera, Creative Director

Cas is our co-founder and creative director. When he’s not directing, he’s likely playing football with his friends. He spends his time hanging out with his talented wife and playing with his kid. His aim is to keep balance — Life, family, others, and work.


Andre, Motion Director

Also known as Sr.Bito, is a motion designer with a flair for unraveling the secrets of motion languages and systems. His journey is a constant exploration of the dynamic interplay between design elements. Out of work, he loves being with his wife and cycling with his brothers — if they can keep up.

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